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Consultation by Hamshire County Council

(published by: Ewshot Community News and Events)


Consultation by Hampshire County Council on 'Balancing the Budget'


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Free First Aid Training

(published by: Ewshot Community News and Events)


The Parish Council is offering a First Aid Course

& Defibrillator Training to all residents of Ewshot Parish

Completion of the course will result in the award of a recognised certificate and a basic first aid book. All for just £15.

The course will take place on

Sunday 3 September and Sunday 8 October

9am to 1pm in Ewshot Village Hall.

You will need to attend both sessions to receive the certificate.

If you would just like the defibrillator training this will be 9am on Sunday 3 September and you can just attend for this at no cost.

For more details on the course and to book your place please contact the parish clerk:

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Incidents on SANG land

(published by: Ewshot Community News and Events)


Any issues relating to the SANG land should be reported to Mark Howell at TCL group: or 01189 303943.

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Illegal Burning

(published by: Ewshot Parish Council)


If you witness any illegal burning which is causing a nuisance please report it to the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60.

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